Regulatory Report: 128 Gambling-related Bills in Progress during March

For the month of March 2024, there were a total number of 128 gambling-related bills that went through various stages of the lawmaking process.

U.S. state legislative activity of newly introduced bills is decreasing due to cross over deadlines that have passed, or in the case with California (5/24/2024), are coming up in the near future. There are currently 29 states (58%) still active and 2 states (4%) in recess (Kansas and Nebraska).

The states with the highest legislative activity for the month are Mississippi, Louisiana, and Florida.

This report will review some of the most important laws that were recently passed for the month of March in Colorado, Maine, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Out of the many bills that are still in the legislative process, this report will also highlight some of the legislation that passed the body of origin and are now with the second body.

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