Elevate Regulatory Change Management with Generative AI

Our AI-powered approach refines regulatory change management through automated tracking of the latest developments in laws and regulations – so you can forget about spreadsheets.

Regulatory Changes Platform

Harness Generative AI to Control Regulatory Risks

Elevate your compliance with our AI-driven solution to manage regulatory change, and you will always be confident that you have the latest legal content that applies to your organization, whatever the jurisdiction. Streamline the process of classifying laws and regulations, organizing them, and identifying impending changes – without switching between spreadsheets or different systems. Never miss a beat with AI-automated, applicable regulatory alerts throughout the entire legislative process.

Alerts and Horizon Scanning

Regulatory Change Alerts & Horizon Scanning

Our AI-powered platform will only send you alerts that apply to your organization directly, filtering out the noise and giving you an at-a-glance overview of what’s important.

See exactly what’s new in the modified text with our automatic change-tracking feature and quickly identify the requirements that apply in one clean, easy process.

Track legislation and bills from start to finish with comprehensive bill tracking and horizon scanning

Smart Law Library

Get access to the largest online law library on the market that provides you with global regulations in any industry.

Organize your library by applicable topics, get document summaries, and create tasks around them to prioritize high-risk items.

Smart Law Library

Dashboarding & Reporting

Regology offers customized dashboards so you can stay on top of regulatory changes.

Create comprehensive reports for your compliance and executive teams within the Regology platform.

Generative AI for Unified Regulatory Insight

Consolidate your regulatory and compliance teams onto one platform, eliminating the hurdles of isolated tasks and varied spreadsheet versions.

Use Generative AI to transform time-intensive responsibilities, paving the way for prioritized tasks and strategic focus.

Reggi Generative AI
Intelligent Search

Intelligent Search

Help your team to scale and quickly adapt to any internal and external changes, like entering new markets or expanding into new geographies, with Regology’s legal search capabilities.

Get access to millions of laws across the globe in hundreds of jurisdictions at your fingertips, so that you can search for new regulations with ease and link them to applicable policies and control requirements.

Prioritize Compliance Topics

Whether you need to track specific legislation and regulations to operate compliantly in a niche market, or better anticipate emerging trends with regards to your sector, Regology will provide you with the most relevant insights.


Monitor Privacy Laws Anywhere

Privacy and data protection laws are changing frequently, and are subject to constant changes globally.

Advanced Search

Protect From Illicit Financial Activity

Whether you are a banking institution, a credit union, or a digital asset service solution, a solid anti-money laundering (AML) and know-your-customer (KYC) compliance program is crucial to protecting your organization from severe fines and penalties. With Regology, you get access to the latest regulatory developments in AML and KYC programs in order to establish ongoing regulatory compliance with optimal internal controls.

Smart Law Library
Advanced Search

Maintain a Safe Work Environment

In an effort to modernize labor standards, better protect workers, and help employers recruit and retain employees, labor laws are changing with greater frequency. With Regology, you stay informed on bills impacting your organization, monitor agency updates, and make annotations that carry over to the later policy versions.


Keep Informed on Tax Laws

Keep Informed on Tax Laws. Be notified of any government-proposed legislation that impacts your business to help you plan for and track only those changes that matter to you.

Advanced Search

Benefits of Using Regology

A comprehensive way of seeing change and the downstream effects that result from change.


Minimize Impending Risks Through Precision

Get a digital law library that is comprehensive and covers all applicable laws you need to be compliant with today and going forward.

Stay on top of important regulatory developments that have a direct impact on your organization.

Protect corporate reputation and avoid fines and bad press by increasing the accuracy and timeliness of your compliance policy updates.


Gain Operational Visibility and Optimize Processes

Create a cohesive matrix of laws, risks, and controls to provide a streamlined, clear process when changes come in.

Reduce the noise with smart, configurable alerts that target only those regulatory changes that are pertinent to you.

Spend up to 80% less time on process reviews by automating time-consuming tasks.


Stay Ahead and Be in Control

Avoid being caught off guard by fast-coming changes that could affect your compliance program effectiveness.

Know exactly what incoming regulatory changes apply to your organization and review company policies accordingly.

Link policies and controls to related legal documents, map them out, and assign owners in one clear process.


Help Your Organization Reach Business Goals

Increase team productivity by having one platform for a more collaborative approach to compliance and risk management across the organization.

Understand and properly communicate the risks associated with your organization’s objectives and how to mitigate those risks to attain business goals.

Go from risk-averse to risk-aware by disencumbering processes with automation.

Address Your Industry Needs

While Regology’s regulatory change management solution is industry-agnostic, it does include custom-made law libraries for banking and crypto-asset space, as well as gaming and the technology sectors.

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