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Case Studies

See how leading companies transform regulatory compliance with the Regology Regulatory Intelligence Platform.

Transforming Compliance at a Large International Bank

Who is the customer?

A major international bank possessing assets exceeding $250 billion. Within the bank's compliance department, a dedicated team oversees the law library, monitors regulatory updates, and evaluates regulatory risks and controls.

What was the customer’s pain point?  

This team was using spreadsheets and multiple top-tier consultants, along with a regulatory content data provider.

The problem they were trying to solve?

While they had visibility into the laws that they needed to track, the bank’s official law library lacked a system-based oversight. The laws were not always mapped to policies, controls, and risks. The manual process brought inefficiencies to the review and reporting of their controls. It took several people months to complete, together with data dependencies and key-person risks.

What products did they buy from us? 

The customer purchased Regology’s Regulatory Intelligence Platform, including the Regulatory Change Management and Regulatory Compliance Management solutions.

Implementation and approach:

The implementation process of Regolgoy’s Regulatory Intelligence Platform helped clean the bank’s law library of duplication and obsolete laws. Subsequently, the Regology platform was integrated with their policy management and GRC platforms. This helped them keep their policies, risks, and controls mapped to applicable laws continuously.

Results from deploying the Regology platform:

With Regoloy, the law review process now required only one person, allowing the bank to redeploy four full-time employees to higher-value initiatives. This shift decreased direct costs in the compliance department. Moreover, the quicker identification of laws through Regology lowered the overall risk and reduced gaps in law coverage stemming from acquisitions, while significantly enhancing the accuracy of updates.

Transforming Compliance for a Software Giant

Who is the customer?

The customer is a physical security department of a well-known software giant. This department is responsible for managing the safety and security of employees and assets at hundreds of physical locations. The department covers a large variety of physical security functions, such as security guards, firearms, fire alarms, security cameras, investigations, and more. Within this department, there is a compliance team to ensure that all the physical security functions work within the boundaries of local laws.

What were the customer’s pain points?

The sheer number of physical locations this company is present in is significant. The compliance function did not have an automated process to identify and maintain applicable laws in all jurisdictions in which they operated. Their colleagues in a majority of the countries did not have a process to address regulatory requirements. And those few colleagues who did worked in silos, using spreadsheets. There was no clear visibility into regulatory requirements or workflows. This gap and siloed approach resulted in incomplete or missing controls, leading to instances of non-compliance, fines, and reputational damage.

What did they buy from us?

The global team was looking to understand and manage compliance of applicable physical security laws across multiple countries and cities and map those laws to their policies, risks, and controls. The customer purchased Regology’s Regulatory Intelligence Platform, including both the Regulatory Compliance Management and Regulatory Change Management solutions. Regology’s platform was deployed as a hybrid cloud environment, with an on-premises component for their highly sensitive data. Regology also supported their jurisdictional research and developed their law library as part of our professional services offering.

Results from deploying the Regology platform

They drastically reduced their consulting spending, as well as last-minute compliance emergencies and travels to international locations, meanwhile increasing their data accuracy and mitigating fines. This modernization of their program served up relevant data in a fraction of the time and proactively delivered control reviews and clear reports – which reduced the organization's overall risk.

Transforming ESG Compliance for a Technology & Data Leader

Who is the customer?

The organization is a large technology giant that has software, hardware, and data centers present in most countries in the world. The company has a strong core focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) topics and leads by example. They track a hundred different ESG and Security topics and want to ensure that their manufacturing ecosystem and vendors follow similar values and standards.

What were the customer’s pain points?

Since this compliance team is responsible for ensuring that their manufacturing vendors follow corporate ESG values, they wanted to align their policies with local country laws. To that end, they needed to track laws on the hundred ESG and security topics across a dozen of high priority countries. They had engaged with a large consulting firm to build their inventory of laws, but the consulting firm neither provided completeness nor accuracy. The consulting firm’s output was in the form of a spreadsheet only showing the law citations. The company was unable to track changes to the laws and did not establish standardized processes.

What did they buy from us?  

This vendor risk management team was looking for a system that could provide a comprehensive law library and alerts containing updates to laws. They wanted this information to flow into their Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) system. After reviewing the market, they concluded that Regology is the only platform that can provide them with the depth and breadth of laws and alerts, coupled with AI-enabled change tracking that significantly reduces noise. They set up the Regology platform to maintain their current set of laws and use Regology’s integration with their GRC platform for daily regulatory change alerts. They also used Regology’s professional services to identify missing laws in various countries and to align their policies to specific clauses within the law.

Results from deploying the Regology platform:

A global structure was adopted on the Regology platform that grouped laws in a consistent format. By holding this information in one centralized space, they were able to build a consistent process and gain new insights that helped the team align on effective dates and deadlines. When laws change in any of the countries where they operate, they are able to immediately assess their impact on internal and external policies, subsequently rolling out those policy changes to their vendors. Regology enabled the organization to effectively mitigate organizational risk and significantly improve governance of vendor management as it relates to ESG.

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