Harness Generative AI for Insight into Cryptocurrency Regulations

Stay informed on the prevailing laws governing digital assets and cryptocurrencies – and their specific implications – while automatically monitoring upcoming regulatory changes.

Never Miss a Beat with Generative AI

Get access to our patented AI-powered platform, tailored to your unique requirements. Align with your crypto endeavors and let our AI ensure you're updated with the latest regulatory developments on the Federal and State levels – including sanctions.

Get Notified on New Bills

Crypto regulations are constantly evolving, so having automated alerts to new legislation is critical to establishing controls for multiple levels of risk.

Tracking of the entire rulemaking process.

AI-powered horizon scanning with automatic alerts.

Self-updating smart law library with revisions tracking.

Current Laws that Accommodate Crypto Needs

Get notified whenever there is new language added to existing legislation that includes digital assets.

Prompt notifications as changes come in.

Automatic updates to content in your current law library.

Alerts to new definitions and requirements.

Comprehensive Legal Content for Corporate Requirements

Your organization’s regulatory compliance extends beyond just crypto activities, requiring laws on labor, tax, and more.

Access the most comprehensive repository of laws with global coverage.

Organize pertinent legal content by topic and organizational requirements.

Map regulatory items to policies, risks, controls, and assigned owners.

Enable Efficiencies of Scale

With Regology’s application of advanced artificial intelligence, your teams will benefit from significant automation of time-consuming and labor-intensive tasks that will enable a more economical use of resources across the board.

AI-digested regulatory content automatically brings into view definitions, citations, and requirements, reducing the need for third-party consultants.

Automated alerts and content updates allow more speed to delivery with identifying high-priority risks and determining controls.

A single platform for both regulatory change and compliance management tackles siloed workflows, significantly increasing productivity.

Crypto Compliance

AI-Powered Law Repository: Comprehensive and Current

Our tailored Smart Law Library harnesses the latest AI to dynamically track and refresh regulatory content in line with industry changes. This not only reduces the uncertainties tied to digital asset and crypto regulations but also offers a clear view of current laws, their applications, and upcoming legislative developments.

Gain a Strategic Advantage through Generative AI

Experience enhanced operational efficiencies, seamless automation of manual tasks, and a clear strategy for navigating pre-enforcement ambiguities – all through our AI-powered regulatory intelligence platform.

Preemptive Risk Management

Our Generative AI-powered platform allows you to proactively anticipate change that impacts your crypto organization, instead of reacting to it.

Cut Down Noise

Mitigate irrelevant notifications in your focus areas by getting regulatory alerts that target your compliance requirements.

International Scope

Monitor regulatory change in jurisdictions that apply, adding more flexibility to your teams to adapt to organizational growth.

Enhanced Organizational Agility

Streamlined compliance allows you to repurpose internal resources and seize more business opportunities globally.

Examples of Crypto-Relevant Content 

Ready-to-use content that is applicable to your organization’s crypto activities.

Cryptocurrency Licensing by State

Cryptocurrency exchanges, DeFi and NFT platforms, play-to-earn game operators, OTC desks, among others, are often subject to Bank Secrecy Act regulations and enforcement, as well as money transmitters laws. With Regology, you get visibility into the latest money transmitter license requirements state-by-state in order to be compliant in the jurisdictions where you operate.

Protect Against Hackers

With cybercrime growing more problematic for all industries, cryptocurrency exchanges are the primary target for hackers due to a large amount of lucrative virtual transactions. Regology’s smart law library enables you to better define policies, risks, and controls for safeguarding against cybercrime.

Anti Money Laundering Compliance

Fraud, AML, and unregistered securities offerings are the most common violations in the crypto industry to date, with fines reaching hundreds of millions of dollars. A solid AML compliance program that includes know-your-customer protocols is critical to protecting your crypto services from the illicit movement of funds.

Ensure Optimal Consumer Protection

Ensure you have solid policies in place to protect your customers’ financial and personal information with a smart compliance management system. Our customized law library includes data privacy and security regulations across the globe, including CCPA, GDPR, DPA, CPPA & PIPEDA, and LGPD, to help you set up an effective and audit-ready compliance program to protect your people, reputation, and bottom line.

Have a Response Plan

Know exactly what the state requirements and notification obligations are in the event where a data breach has accrued, particularly with regards to privacy commissioners, affected individuals, and insurers. Set up controls that are aligned with regulatory frameworks like NIST CSF, addressing critical requirements ranging from governance, information protection, and detection processes to response and recovery planning for optimal risk management.

Regology Expertise for Crypto Organizations

Our experts in banking, legal, the regulatory environment, and SaaS are here to discuss your regulatory change and compliance concerns. Reach out anytime.