Regulatory Change Management

Regology’s approach to regulatory change is based on the understanding that every organization has unique needs and industry requirements. We translate each customer’s unique profile—their legal DNA—to establish their custom Smart Law Library and generate relevant alerts that span the legislative and executive branches of government, covering both prospective and final regulatory changes. This enables customers to automate change management, anticipate new regulations, and accelerate implementation.

Effortless Regulatory Updates Tracking

Smart Law Library

Proprietary Causal Citations

Regology uses causal citations to generate relevant alerts, directly pointing to sections of laws or regulations that are being updated in legal documents, such as proposed rules or amendments.

Automatic Change Tracking

Our Smart Law Library is updated automatically, eliminating the need for manual data entry and reducing professional services costs.

Showing What Changed

Regulatory changes are highlighted and redlined, ensuring you're always informed of the latest amendments.

Regulatory Change Tracking

Horizon Scanning

Stay ahead with automated tracking of bills and laws that relate to the regulations in your Smart Law Library.

Intelligent Routing

Regulatory changes are automatically sent to designated owners for prompt action.

Eliminate Duplicates

Our system identifies duplicate alerts—such as those first issued by an agency and then published in the Federal Register—to streamline your notifications.

Pre-Built Rules

Utilize pre-configured routing rules to manage all types of regulatory alerts automatically.

Stay Ahead of Legislative Developments

Finger on the Pulse

Legislative Progression Tracking

Use our Legislative Progression feature to monitor the advancement of relevant legislative developments.

Proactive Legal Research

Ask GenAI any questions about upcoming laws and regulations to prepare for future changes proactively.

Implement and Report with Precision

Map & Assign

Comprehensive Mapping
Connect upcoming changes directly to your existing compliance framework, including requirements, controls, policies, and risks.
Team Collaboration
Assign regulatory tasks to specific teams and users, ensuring clear responsibilities and accountability.

Dive Deeper with GenAI

In-Depth Q&A
Use GenAI-powered Q&A with Reggi for deeper insights into laws and regulations, promoting better-informed decisions.


Timely Reports
Send detailed compliance reports to keep stakeholders informed and engaged, ensuring compliance across all levels of your organization.

Transform How You Manage Regulatory Change

Embrace a more dynamic, responsive approach to regulatory compliance with our advanced management tools. Automate, anticipate, and act with a system designed to streamline your compliance processes and keep you ahead in a rapidly changing regulatory environment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Regology?
Regology is a regulatory intelligence platform designed to simplify regulatory compliance for businesses of all sizes. Our platform provides comprehensive tools and resources to help you understand and navigate complex regulations relevant to your industry, enhancing compliance management.
How does Regology work?
Regology utilizes advanced artificial intelligence algorithms and machine learning to analyze regulatory information from global sources. It enables users to quickly identify all applicable legal content, query laws and regulations, monitor incoming changes with customized alerts, and easily map them to risks and controls, efficiently addressing compliance requirements.
What industries does Regology support?
Regology caters to a wide range of industries, with vast experience in banking and financial services, digital assets and crypto, online and land-based gaming, and technology, as well as healthcare, manufacturing and energy. Our platform is industry-agnostic and can accommodate the unique regulatory needs of different sectors, ensuring that businesses across various industries can benefit from our services.
Is Regology suitable for small businesses?
Yes, absolutely! Regology is designed to be accessible and user-friendly for businesses of all sizes. Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, our platform offers scalable solutions to meet your compliance needs without overwhelming your resources.
How can I get started with Regology?
Getting started with Regology is easy! Simply fill out a short form to contact our team or request a platform demo, and we’ll be always available to assist you every step of the way.

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