The Only Platform That Serves Up Regulations in Any Industry

Regology’s Regulatory Intelligence Platform keeps you up-to-date with laws, regulations, and policies relevant to your industry. It is the only regulatory intelligence platform that takes an industry-agnostic approach to regulatory change management. Unlike other solutions, we’ve built a platform that scales and caters to your unique industry needs.

Regulatory Intelligence Platform - Reggi AI

Banking & Financial Services

Our AI-powered platform guides banks and financial services providers through the regulatory shifts that affect their organizations.

As a bank, irrespective of your size, you can use our patented platform to navigate the evolving landscape of banking laws and regulations. Harness our Generative AI for an effective regulatory compliance program and take control over regulatory change management with the frontrunner in RegTech.
As a Financial Service provider, you can use our AI-enhanced tools to confidently handle regulatory shifts. Achieve unparalleled regulatory compliance with applicable laws and streamline regulatory change management operations.
Digital Assets

Digital Assets & Cryptocurrency

Navigate the emerging digital currency landscape – from NFTs to exchanges – seamlessly with Regology’s patented AI platform.

Let our Generative AI-enhanced platform clarify existing and upcoming crypto regulations so you can better anticipate and adapt to the changes ahead. Get deep regulatory intelligence, tailored for the cryptocurrency sector, and ensure robust compliance with laws and regulations that apply.
Empower your operations with AI-powered insights for the ever-evolving digital asset landscape and protect your organization from fraud and illicit movement of funds.

Gambling & Gaming

From iGaming to sportsbooks and casinos, we've got you covered with our patented Generative AI-driven platform.

Harness Regology's AI platform to expertly navigate the dynamic world of gaming regulations. Our platform offers cutting-edge insights to adapt to gambling regulatory changes and offers specialized regulatory intelligence for the gaming industry. 
Streamline your compliance with access to gaming-specific laws and regulations across relevant jurisdictions and confidently launch new products and business segments, knowing you can quickly adapt to the new regulatory requirements with our AI-powered tools at your fingertips.

Software & Technology

Our Generative AI-infused platform helps your technology organization grow and transform with up-to-date regulatory intelligence.

Empower your organization with the most up-to-date regulatory insights for the software and Big Tech sector. Our AI-driven platform ensures you're always ahead of the curve. Benefit from AI-enhanced regulatory intelligence to streamline compliance processes and keep abreast of the latest regulatory developments for your sector.
Leverage the potential of Generative AI to transform and elevate your technology organization by better understanding the nuances of relevant regulatory requirements. Navigate the shifts in the regulatory landscape effortlessly and ensure robust compliance practices. 

Education & Nonprofits

From university systems to nonprofits, our Generative AI-powered platform will help you tackle your challenges.

Our AI-enhanced platform equips universities and other higher education institutions with a comprehensive solution that helps compliance teams understand and adapt to ever-evolving regulations. Tap into specialized AI-generated regulatory intelligence, ensuring streamlined compliance and a grasp of the latest requirements for higher education entities.
Harness Generative AI capabilities to clarify relevant nonprofit regulations and get regulatory insights to adeptly manage and anticipate regulatory changes in your sector. Dive into AI-powered regulatory intelligence tailored to the nonprofit industry, bolstering compliance measures and streamlining processes.

Energy & Utilities

A specialized platform that leverages Generative AI to cater to the unique needs of the energy and utility providers.

Navigate regulatory developments with AI-optimized insights, drawing from specialized regulatory intelligence in the industry. Ensure seamless compliance protocols and stay abreast of the latest legal requirements that shape the energy sector.
With AI at the core, Regology equips utility providers with a holistic solution to demystify complex utility regulations. Expertly navigate through regulatory changes, benefiting from AI-driven regulatory intelligence specific to utilities. Enhance compliance measures and gain a comprehensive understanding of regulations tailored to utility providers.

Government & Regulatory Agencies

We help governments and regulators with AI-driven insights, saving time and money.

Equip your organization with the tools to understand and manage regulations effectively. Leverage AI to seamlessly adapt to new laws and regulations, as well as to constant regulatory developments.
Our AI-driven approach helps gain unparalleled regulatory intelligence, ensure compliance, and remain up-to-date with regulations specific to regulatory agencies. What’s more, your organization will reap economies of scale in time and money by adopting a more efficient and self-reliant way of managing compliance.

Healthcare & Life Sciences

From hospital systems to life science providers, we're here to equip you with the latest AI-optimized regulatory guidance.

Gain a deeper understanding of healthcare regulations and take control over the ever-evolving regulatory landscape thanks to AI-powered insights that will keep you in the loop. Ensure stringent compliance and stay updated with the latest legislation.
Seamlessly adapt your policies and controls as new requirements come in and create a more proactive approach to your compliance management. Benefit from cutting-edge regulatory intelligence tailored to life sciences.

Insurance & Risk Management

Regardless of your organization's size, our AI-driven platform provides specialized guidance for the insurance and risk management sectors.

We use advanced AI algorithms to help you interpret and adapt to insurance regulations for the insurance sector. This ensures that you remain at the forefront of regulatory intelligence and maintain strict compliance standards within the ever-evolving insurance landscape.
The Regology platform harnesses Generative AI to provide clarity around risk management regulations and their requirements. As the regulatory environment continues to shift, we ensure that risk management providers have the tools and insights to navigate changes efficiently and stay ahead of industry standards.

Legal & Professional Services

A regulatory solution for law firms and professional services organizations.

We deploy sophisticated Generative AI to help users understand and keep pace with the dynamic world of legal regulations. By ensuring a comprehensive grasp of current laws and regulations – and imminent legislative changes – legal service providers can uphold their commitment to the highest levels of legal excellence and compliance requirements.
Our AI-enhanced platform offers succinct summaries of applicable legal content and teases out the necessary requirements for compliance management. And as the regulatory landscape continues to evolve, we provide all the necessary insights and alerts to adapt.

Manufacturing & Engineering

We help manufacturers and engineers transform their approach to regulatory compliance with the power of AI.

Our patented platform is infused with the latest artificial intelligence, including Generative AI, to decode and stay updated with the latest manufacturing and engineering regulations. This not only helps ensure compliance with regulatory requirements but also enables a proactive approach to managing compliance.
By utilizing AI-enhanced insights, you can ensure you’re meeting all current standards as well as being well-prepared for any forthcoming regulatory changes. This way, you can stay at the forefront of industry compliance standards and gain a competitive advantage in the field.

Natural Resources & Agriculture

Our state-of-the-art AI platform is designed to address and simplify the complexities of regulatory compliance for the natural resources and agriculture sectors.

Regology employs cutting-edge artificial intelligence to provide a comprehensive understanding of relevant regulations. This empowers organizations to not only comply with the necessary requirements efficiently but also to stay ahead of any regulatory changes, fostering a more proactive approach to compliance.
The sheer volume of regulations can be overwhelming. Our platform, powered by AI, delves into the nuances of agricultural regulations, ensuring that organizations are always in line with current mandates while also being informed of any upcoming regulatory developments.

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech

In the fast-paced and innovative sectors of pharma and biotech, staying compliant with ever-evolving regulations is paramount. Our AI-driven platform is tailored to these dynamic industries.

Our AI platform delves deep into the multifaceted world of pharma regulations. By offering insights into current requirements and streamlining the compliance process, we ensure providers operate with clarity and confidence.
As innovation in the sector produces more regulatory volatility, our patented AI platform helps organizations in the sector adapt to regulatory changes swiftly and ensure a proactive approach to compliance.
Real Estate

Real Estate & Construction

Our AI-enhanced platform helps real estate and construction sectors understand and adhere to regulatory mandates.

We employ AI to provide a deep dive into the complexities of real estate regulations. Our system not only offers insights into the present legal landscape but also anticipates potential regulatory shifts. This ensures that real estate providers always remain a step ahead, facilitating smoother transactions and developments.
Our AI-driven platform simplifies construction regulations, provides timely updates on legal changes, and bolsters compliance strategies. This proactive approach ensures construction entities operate efficiently and in full alignment with the regulatory environment.

Retail & eCommerce

With our AI-backed platform, we simplify staying updated with the regulations as a retail and eCommerce organization.

Our platform delves deep into current retail regulations, offering clarity and actionable insights. Beyond just understanding, our platform anticipates regulatory change, enabling retailers to adapt swiftly and maintain seamless operations.
Regology helps demystify laws and regulations, provides timely updates, and aids in crafting robust compliance frameworks. This helps ensure that eCommerce and retail organizations focus on growth, confident in their regulatory compliance.

Transportation & Logistics

From public transit systems to logistics providers, we help you navigate regulatory change faster with Generative AI.

In the dynamic world of transportation and logistics, understanding regulatory shifts is crucial for smooth operations. Our AI-powered platform is designed to help stakeholders anticipate and adapt to these shifts, ensuring they are always ahead of the curve.
Our system not only deciphers the present regulatory environment but also anticipates potential changes, ensuring organizations remain compliant and prepared. With our AI guiding the way, transportation, logistics and supply chain providers can focus on optimizing their operations, knowing they are in line with the latest regulatory standards.