Boost Your Tech Compliance with Generative AI

With the data protection and data-sharing initiatives growing rapidly, AI is here to keep you up to speed. Regology empowers Big Tech companies with a regulatory intelligence platform that is AI-powered, and that helps ensure agility across emerging markets and regions.

Tech-Specific Regulatory Content

Leveraging the latest AI, Regology enables you to stay on track with the growing scope of technology regulations by providing you with up-to-date regulatory intelligence – both locally and abroad.

Incorporate All Interstate & International Requirements

As tech companies need an increasingly more nuanced approach to state, federal, and international laws, Regology’s platform provides comprehensive coverage of legal jurisdictions both in the US and globally.

Get a smart law library that streamlines applicable jurisdictions, topics, and activities.

Build out regulatory compliance policies for countries where you have users.

Easily research additional jurisdictions as your tech organization enters new markets.

Ensure All Corporate Requirements are Covered

Your organization’s regulatory compliance goes beyond just data privacy, requiring laws on labor, tax, ESG, and more.

Access the most comprehensive repository of laws that spans international laws.

Organize pertinent legal content by topic and organizational requirements.

Map regulatory items to policies, risks, controls, and assigned owners.

Get Notified of Applicable Regulatory Developments

With global privacy and consumer laws changing on a monthly basis, Regology allows you to keep tabs on the latest developments or amendments in any jurisdiction.

Get prompt alerts to regulatory changes that apply to your company profile.

See change tracking and revisions for optimal version control.

Automate protocols for the incoming changes by mapping policies, risks, and controls to assigned owners.

Streamlined Risks & Controls Mapping

Internal and external oversight for tech companies requires robust risk management controls in place, this is why with Regology customers can easily combine their smart law library with a compliance management solution to cover all bases.

Accurately identify risks associated with non-compliance, such as penalties, adverse economic impacts, withdrawal of a license to operate, or incarceration.

Score risks from high to low, and prioritize them accordingly, together with your compliance items.

Map out effective policies and controls that can span multiple locations, legal entities, and businesses.

Software Compliance

Largest Collection of Laws on One Platform

As a tech company, you need to have the most up-to-date regulatory requirements at any given time. With Regology, you not only get access to the largest legal database worldwide but a customized law library that uses AI to automatically track and update all applicable regulatory content in real-time. This AI-driven approach reduces the risk of compliance uncertainties and offers a clear view of current applicable laws as well as prospective legislative developments.

Benefits of Using Cutting-Edge AI for Compliance

Regology's AI-driven regulatory intelligence platform not only streamlines operations and automates traditional tasks but also provides a comprehensive risk management solution, both domestically and internationally.

Protect Your Reputation

Protect corporate reputation and avoid fines and bad press by increasing the accuracy and delivery timelines of your regulatory compliance policy updates.

Stay Ahead with Insights

Leverage our AI-driven platform to foresee regulatory shifts, positioning your organization to proactively address new laws rather than scrambling in response.

Develop Global Policies

With AI-driven automation, you can create a cohesive matrix of global policies, risks, and controls to optimize workflows across the board.

Save Time with Automation

Eliminate the need for multi-versioned spreadsheets and spend up to 80% less time on process reviews by automating protocols and manual tasks.

Use Case Content for Technology and Software Companies

Ready-to-use content that is applicable to your organization’s business profile and activities.

Guardrails for Consumer Protection

Our customized law library for tech companies includes data privacy regulations across the globe, such as CCPA, GDPR, DPA, CPPA & PIPEDA, and LGPD, to help you set up an effective and audit-ready compliance program to protect your people, reputation, and bottom line. Ensure your compliance addresses the protection of personal information, data security, and information technology, as well as false advertising and charitable solicitations. You can upload your policies onto the platform and link them to relevant regulations, topics, business units, and products.

Identify. Protect. Detect. Respond. Recover.

Data breaches and other cyber attacks not only generate negative publicity but also financial penalties and lawsuits. With Regology, you can create an effective cybersecurity program and set up controls that are aligned with regulatory frameworks like NIST CSF. Address everything from governance, information protection, and detection processes to response and recovery planning for optimal risk management.

Curate Responsible Corporate Operations

Having an international supply chain and employees working out of different jurisdictions generates multi-layered complexities from a regulatory perspective. Occupational health and safety, privacy, toxic waste disposal, human rights, trade control, and shipping regulations, among others — all have to be managed on a country-by-country level. With Regology, you are able to house all of your global labor and ESG policies and legal requirements on one streamlined platform and mitigate risks associated with non-compliance.

Automate Evidence Collection Protocols

Putting the right physical security measures in place means you must understand what you need to protect — and where. Whether it’s your people, information, and assets, or the public, customers, and cultural holdings, Regology provides comprehensive legal content that addresses your physical security needs and helps you organize your evidence collection process with tasks that are automatically generated for each individual piece of evidence.

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