Generative AI-Powered Insights for Banking and Financial Services

Regology provides true regulatory intelligence, powered by Generative AI, keeping you current with applicable laws, regulations, bills, agency press releases, and more.

AI-Curated Regulatory Content

The Regology Regulatory Intelligence Platform is built for banks, financial institutions, and financial service providers.

A Regulatory Compliance Solution

Our platform provides complete visibility of legal content throughout the process from horizon scanning to compliance tracking potential across the globe.

Essential tool for legal and compliance professionals

Tracks notice of proposed rulemaking process

Tracks daily enforcement actions

Ideal for Curious Legal Minds

Boost the role of regulatory research in your financial institution through our smart law library and our regulatory intelligence platform.

Save and share your searches

Intelligent auto-suggests

World’s largest unified database of laws

Artificially Intelligent Assistance

Machine learning and automation powers our world-class platform, increasing the efficiency and reliability of your compliance program. Our platform leverages AI to:

Identify regulatory definitions

Predetermined requirements

Enable mapping at the section and clause level

An Efficient Compliance Program

Reduce the budget cost and time expended on your financial institution’s demanding regulatory change management process, easily mapping Risks, Controls, and Policies.

Tag regulations and add notes

Copy citations and highlight text

Track changes across versions of laws and regulations

Banking Compliance

Scalable, Custom-Built Law Repository

Introducing a Smart Law Library, powered by AI and tailored to your financial institution's immediate needs. This dynamic library uses the latest AI to automatically integrate new requirements and continuously capture pertinent regulatory changes from various jurisdictions. Included is an extensive, unified database of laws, spanning all U.S. Federal and State jurisdictions, as well as international reach.

Gain a Competitive Edge with Generative AI

Harness the power of Generative AI and reap significant ROI with Regology’s patented regulatory intelligence platform. The platform boosts operational efficiencies, automates manual processes, and has all of your state-by-state banking regulations and compliance programs funneled into one dashboard.

Preemptive Risk Management

Our AI-powered platform enables you to proactively anticipate change – instead of reacting to new laws and regulations that impact your financial institution.

Focus Your Time on What is Relevant

Role-based alert routing allows you to document every modification and cut down noise in your focus areas.

Ensure Comprehensive Law Coverage

Monitor regulatory change from thousands of data sources effortlessly, getting insights on all federal and state jurisdictions for the financial sector.

Enhanced Organizational Agility

With Regology’s AI-driven regulatory intelligence platform, you enable your team with higher levels of automation, the ability to repurpose internal resources towards other business initiatives, and cost reduction in research and compliance.

Generative AI Use Cases for Financial Institutions and Financial Services

Examples of what our patented AI platform can do for you are abound in the financial sector, putting financial institutions ahead of the game in managing regulatory changes worldwide. Below are some prime examples.

Know Your Customer

By improving their AML/KYC systems, banks and other financial institutions could save millions every year. Eliminate costly fines and negative reputational exposure with our regulatory intelligence solution.

Protect Against Fines

With attacks on digital infrastructure growing more problematic for all industries, banking and financial institutions, in particular, must stay compliant with cybersecurity laws.

Avoid Illicit Activity

As cryptocurrencies become more intertwined with financial services and associated products, your financial institution will need to keep track of the latest developments around digital assets and virtual currencies to avoid risks, such as illicit movement of funds.

Respect Consumer Privacy

Financial institutions must stay abreast of regulations governing consumers’ right to privacy—the evolving regulatory landscape of privacy laws calls for a smart compliance management system.

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