Regology Inc.
Effective April 10th 2017

Copyright Code-of-Conduct

We only bring in laws from the official government sources
We never intentionally violate copyright restrictions
If we did unknowingly download government copyright restricted material, please contact us here
If you are a government body (local, state or at the national level) and want your laws to be published on Regology, with our AI
processing, please apply here.
If you are a government official, please provide the following:
We will need permission from the government entity
We will need the following details in order to download and set up your laws

Regology Copyright Policy

We applaud those open governments that make their laws available to the public free of any copyright restrictions. We strive to curate those laws into a single library and bring them to you for free. This is our small part to make the world more equitable.
Not all governments wish to make their laws available for republishing by services like ours. We do not intend to violate copyright restrictions imposed by those governments. If you are a private company contracted by such a government to officially publish laws and charge money for it, we do not intend to violate your business either. We collect laws from open, transparent sources and make them available for free. If you still feel there is a body of law that should not have been republished on our website, please reach out to us with proof as well as the correct alternate website address, and we will be happy to redirect users to your official government laws website.
If you represent a government body and wish to enlist your laws on this platform, sign up here. Note that we make all the laws we present on our platform accessible to all users for free. ****** If you do not specify your copyright restrictions, Regology will publish your legal content under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license.