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Our mission is to harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to transform regulatory compliance through automation, empowering organizations worldwide to grow and innovate.

Regology Overview

Who We Are

Regology was launched in 2017 with the vision of making regulatory compliance worldwide simpler, more effective, and easily adapted to change. Today, our AI-powered regulatory intelligence platform helps organizations across the globe manage their compliance needs in any industry while staying nimble as regulations continue to change and evolve. Here’s how we got here.

Our Founding Story

For seven years, Paul Bruin and Mukund Goenka worked at PwC, implementing regulatory compliance programs for various large financial institutions. The process of identifying the regulations applicable to products and functions was so time-consuming and manual – and costing financial institutions billions to upkeep – that Paul and Mukund decided to quit PwC and team up with Pavan Bayyapu, who worked at SAP for over a decade, to build Regology.

About Regology

Our Core Values

Our values guide all of our actions and serve as our cultural cornerstones.


We are curious and eager to grow - discovering new ways to solve problems, and exploring new ideas in legal, tech, and applicability in various industries.


We help each other and are socially and environmentally responsible human beings.


We are honest when interacting with customers and colleagues, as well as with our profession.

Our Investors

Regology has raised more than eight million dollars in Series A funding, with lead investor Acme Capital.

ACME Capital

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