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Implementation & Law Library Migration

How it works

Implementing Regology is a Breeze

Choose a Smart Law Library

Select one or more pre-curated law libraries to get started.

Directly Receive Regulatory Intelligence

Regulatory change notifications and alerts are available immediately.

Update Your Smart Law Library

Update your library as your business needs grow and evolve.

Consult with Regology's Team

Regology can provide help with the law library curation and processing of regulatory alerts - our team is always here for you!

Migrate Your Existing Law Library to Regology

Most companies have their law libraries built out in static databases and spreadsheets, transforming your library into a Smart Law Library is simple.

Quickly turn your spreadsheet into a Smart Law Library

Just import your spreadsheets into Regology and the platform will process your law library.

Directly experience the benefits of Regulatory Intelligence

Stay current with automatic processing of daily updates, receive custom alerts for final and prospective changes, get the most out of your library and compliance program with Reggi.

Customization and alert routing

Introduce organizational data for further customization and alert routing for your organization.

Health checks and expansion of your law library

Our legal research team is always here to support your evolving needs. and to make sure your library is properly maintained.

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