Streamline Regulatory Compliance with Generative AI

Adopt the latest AI solution to build out and activate compliance programs that have clean, well-defined processes.

Regulatory Compliance Platform

AI-Enhanced Compliance and Risk Management

With Regology's AI-driven capabilities, tap into the largest unified database of regulations worldwide, helping you set up compliance programs uniquely designed for your business. User-centric and with quick time to value, Regology’s patented AI technology simplifies risk mitigation and bolsters compliance through detailed reporting.

Manage Risks

Managing Risks

With the ability to create and manage risk objects, you can map them to authoritative documents, controls, organizational master data, and teams. Searching risks is easy with flexible filter criteria.

Mapping Controls

Our AI-powered platform enables the mapping of controls to other items, such as authoritative documents, risks, master data, and users. Flexible filter criteria allow you to search for controls that you create and manage.

Manage Controls
Update Policies

Updating Policies

You can map your company’s policies to authoritative documents and other items, such as legal entities, products, risks, and controls. Filtered messaging provides you with instant updates on impacted policies and procedures from any potential authoritative document change.

Task Management

Review authoritative documents.

Collaborate with your team on Risks and Controls.

Conduct compliance runs to prove compliance to the Controls.

Work with your team on Control enhancement opportunities.

Compliance Run

GRC Integrations

Regulatory and compliance content can be moved between Regology and your GRC solution.

Regology provides out-of-the-box integrations with many GRC providers and API integrations for others.

See our current GRC partners here.

How Using Regology and Generative AI Helps Manage Compliance

Using the latest AI, Regology filters laws and regulations from the world’s largest unified database of legal content so that only what’s relevant to your organization will cross your desk or demand your time.


Only What’s Applicable to You

Our platform leverages the largest unified database of regulatory content in the world, filtering out everything except what’s relevant to your organization.

Regulatory Intelligence Platform - Reggi AI
Regulatory Changes Platform

Tracking Regulatory Changes

A constantly shifting legal and regulatory environment comes into focus as our platform enables your organization to anticipate change rather than react to it.

Legislative Progression

Risks and Controls

Alerts are directed to appropriate personnel in your organization, letting you document each modification and decrease distractions in the areas that need it.


Reporting on Compliance

Automated evidence collection streamlines the process of proving your organization’s regulatory compliance so you can grow and innovate with confidence.

Smart Law Library

Benefits of AI-powered Compliance Management

Compliance management has never been more streamlined and accessible.


Recover Cost Quickly

Protect your organization’s bottom line by choosing our low-cost, low-commitment solution.

Put to use out-of-the-box

Affordable bundled solution

Ready to go with the addition of Risks and Control


Identify Regulatory Risk

Gain a comprehensive view of your Risks and how they may be affected by changes to regulations.

Regulatory alerts notify you of relevant change

Law library shows all compliance requirements

Compliance workspace for improved Risk management


Streamline Compliance

Enjoy the versatility of a GRC-compatible platform that will stand by itself or with your existing GRC solution.

Automated workflows

Better management of Risks and Controls

Optimized observability


Eliminate Silos

Make your organization more cohesive, agile, and responsive to internal and external changes.

Communicate Risks organization-wide

Establish processes appropriate to your teams

Put everyone on the same page


Review Controls Automatically

Test your organization’s compliance to be sure it’s legally viable and avoids:

Fines and penalties

Excess legal fees

Reputational damage

Address Your Industry Needs

Regology's Generative AI capabilities are revolutionizing compliance management in many industries, particularly in these top sectors.

Simplify Regulatory Compliance

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