2024 Regology State of Regulatory Compliance Survey

The results are in! We surveyed regulatory compliance professionals to learn more about the state of regulatory compliance. Complete the form to see the results.

The 2024 Regology State of Regulatory Compliance Survey is out. Here is what you will learn.

This year’s findings reveal a sector at a pivotal moment, facing rapid regulatory changes and the transformative potential of technology. With participation from diverse industries and roles, including Compliance Managers and Chief Compliance Officers, this comprehensive survey offers a unique lens into the pressing challenges, strategic priorities, and emerging opportunities within regulatory compliance.

Key highlights include:

  • A marked increase in compliance professionals expressing concerns about their organization's ability to meet compliance requirements.
  • A cautious yet growing optimism towards the adoption of generative AI and other digital innovations aimed at improving efficiency and compliance management processes.
  • Insightful comparative analysis with the previous year, showing a shift towards digitalization and a heightened awareness of regulatory risks.
  • And much more!

The 2024 Regology State of Regulatory Compliance Survey is a helpful resource for compliance professionals, Chief Compliance Officers, regulatory and risk managers, and any individuals or teams involved in the governance, risk management, and compliance (GRC) functions within organizations across various industries. It offers insights into the current challenges, technological trends, and future directions of regulatory compliance, enabling professionals to benchmark their practices against industry standards, identify areas for improvement, and strategize on integrating technology like generative AI to streamline compliance processes. 

Whether for shaping internal compliance policies, guiding digital transformation efforts, or fostering a culture of compliance within their organizations, this survey provides valuable data-driven insights that can help propel compliance functions to new heights of effectiveness and efficiency.