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Reap benefits for your team from top to bottom with Regology’s Regulatory Intelligence Platform. Leadership can stay informed and act quickly, while compliance teams become empowered to drive success.

Chief Compliance Officers

As a chief compliance officer (CCO), you’re responsible for designing, implementing, and monitoring the processes by which your company will comply with all applicable laws and regulations. You also ensure those processes are followed. Regology’s Regulatory Intelligence Platform helps CCOs:

Enhance compliance program design: Quickly define all applicable legal content to accelerate regulatory compliance readiness.

Drive efficiency in implementation: Streamline the management of your team and limited resources with a centralized, cost-effective end-to-end platform.

Improve oversight: Take control of compliance and gain confidence in your regulatory change management. Regology acts like your control tower with dashboarding and reporting functionality that gives you the controls needed to oversee a global compliance program.

Compliance and Risk Managers

Regology understands that compliance and risk managers are faced with the challenge of successfully executing regulatory compliance programs. You need to help establish rules and policies, protect your organization from risks that could lead to non-compliance, and execute day-to-day tasks. Regology’s Regulatory Intelligence Platform helps compliance and risks managers:

Enhance integrity: Centralize all information, including policies, risks, and controls, on one platform and automate administration.

Improve compliance and risk analysis: One source of truth, seamless collaboration, and versatile dashboards for a more long-lens approach.

Provide assurance: Don’t miss a relevant regulatory alert for any of your jurisdictions, but without the unnecessary noise.

General Counsels

Regology understands that as a general counsel, you’re responsible for overseeing and identifying the legal issues in all departments and their interrelation. With the Regology Regulatory Intelligence Platform, general counsels gain:

Increased Confidence: Know that your compliance team is tracking all applicable regulatory changes without skipping a beat.

Risk mitigation: Make the connection between governance and the potentially impacted processes, jurisdictions, and people

More control:  Establish a complete audit trail, including evidence collection across your entire organization.

AML and BSA Leaders

As an AML or BSA leader, Regology knows you’re fully focused on compliance with anti-money laundering and financial crime laws under the U.S. Bank Secrecy Act. With the Regology Regulatory Intelligence Platform, AML and BSA leaders benefit from:

Increased certainty: Know that you’re up-to-date on the latest regulatory changes and aware of upcoming changes.

The ability to act fast: Be prepared in advance to implement policies and controls the moment new requirements are introduced.

Improve collaboration: With a streamlined workspace for your entire team with real-time alerts, mapped risks and controls, and task assignments.

Executive Leadership and Boards

The job of executive leaders and board of director members is multifaceted; Regology understands that you have a lot of important decisions to make and are responsible for leading the overall business strategy and direction of the organization. With the Regology Regulatory Intelligence Platform, executives and boards benefit from:

Foresight: Have better insights into what regulatory updates and changes are coming in the near future.

Improved governance: Gain a complete overview of your regulatory controls with a centralized, end-to-end regulatory change management platform.

Reduce potential liability:  Avoid enforcement actions resulting from non-compliance.

Consultants and Lawyers

As a consultant or lawyer, Regology understands that it is your job to advise clients on regulatory compliance and staying compliant with evolving regulatory requirements.  You must complete your job amidst a constant change in the legal and regulatory landscape. With the Regology Regulatory Intelligence Platform, you and your clients benefit from:

Increased confidence: Advise your clients and teams with confidence knowing that you’re updated on all regulatory changes in any jurisdiction – regardless of how frequently laws and regulations change.

Enhanced efficiency: Use one streamlined platform to serve your clients’ regulatory compliance needs.

Technology integrations: Third-party partnerships are available to directly integrate Regoloy into the technology solutions you and your clients use.

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