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CDC Gaming Regulatory Report: 269 gambling-related bills in progress in U.S. legislatures during December and January

With the number of bills recently prefiled and introduced in December 2023 and January 2024, the amount of activity in the US state legislatures during the last two months could be compared to the pregame attention and spike in viewership of the Super Bowl. However, I wouldn’t bet on any major celebrities being present for these major discussions! 🏈

Most of the state legislatures have convened for a new session or they are back in regular session with a total of 39 states (76.5%) in-session at this time. During the months of December/January 2024, a total number of 269 gambling-related bills went through various stages of the lawmaking process.1 Out of the total number of applicable gambling bills, 246 were recently introduced. The states that had the most bill activity were New Jersey, Virginia, Florida, West Virginia, Hawai’i, and New Hampshire. (Continued)