2023 Regology State of Regulatory Compliance Survey

The results are in... we surveyed regulatory compliance professionals to learn more about the state of regulatory compliance. Complete the form to see the results.

Regology’s 2023 State of Regulatory Compliance Survey is Here!

New Survey Suggests 87% of Compliance Professionals are Currently Evaluating New Technology in Their Department.

In February and March 2023, we asked over a hundred regulatory compliance professionals to share their thoughts on the state of regulatory compliance today. We received 127 responses from professionals in a wide range of industries – from financial services to manufacturing to healthcare – and the results are in!

We wanted to provide insights into the challenges, trends, and best practices in the regulatory compliance field, as well as discuss how organizations and individual professionals are adapting to the evolving regulatory environment.

The online survey questionnaire was designed to cover various aspects of regulatory compliance, including:

  • The impact of regulatory changes;
  • The most significant challenges faced by organizations;
  • The strategies used to achieve compliance;
  • The use of technology in managing compliance;
  • Levels of job and role satisfaction.

To achieve that, we ensure a diverse range of roles, including chief compliance officers, general counsels, and compliance, regulatory, and risk managers. The participants came from a variety of industries, such as finance, gaming, healthcare, technology, and manufacturing, among others. Their organizations ranged from small and mid-sized enterprises to large corporations.