Drastically reduce your regulatory research and compliance costs

Use Cases


Need to track gambling laws across dozens of jurisdictions
Changing regulations across jurisdictions expose multiple levels of risk
Need to establish compliance checks to assure internal controls and regulations are followed


Regology’s extensive Law Library for covering US and global laws
Up-to-date notifications detailing changes in applicable legislation
Establish and automate controls tied to underlying risks


Greater coverage and organization of applicable laws
Extensive coverage for changing legislation
Reduce risk while saving significant costs

What our customers are saying about Regology -

check-circle"Deep and intuitive; Regology made searching and browsing through laws very simple. The software is laid-out well, and easy to traverse”check-circle"Night and day when compared to legacy legal content providers”check-circle"The mapping of laws to compliance objects is very unique and useful, this simplifies not just regulatory change but its impact on my business"check-circle"Integrated seamlessly with my current business appliances”check-circle"Regology will become The regulatory compliance platform that the industry will use”
User Role & Benefits


check-circleIdentify laws, track changescheck-circleIdentify applicabilitycheck-circleCreate controlscheck-circleReduce risks & fines

In-House Legal

check-circleIdentify lawscheck-circleTrack changes to lawscheck-circleIdentify applicabilitycheck-circlePrevent fines

Professional Services

check-circleCurate content for industrycheck-circleDeliver to your clientscheck-circleReceive agency alerts


check-circleCompliance assessmentscheck-circleUnified taxonomy

Product Owner

check-circleLaunch Productcheck-circleExpand to new marketcheck-circleIdentify applicability
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