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Can I sell a product in California without warnings?

No, you cannot sell a product in California without providing warnings. According to 27 CACR Section 25600.2 [1.1], the manufacturer, producer, packager, importer, supplier, or distributor of a product must comply with the article by providing a warning on the product label or labeling that satisfies Section 25249.6 of the Act, or by providing a written notice directly to the authorized agent for the business to which they are selling or transferring the product or to the authorized agent for a retail seller. The retail seller is responsible for the placement and maintenance of warning materials, including warnings for products sold over the internet, that the retail seller receives pursuant to subsections (b) and (c). The retail seller is responsible for providing the warning required by Section 25249.6 of the Act for a consumer product exposure only when certain circumstances exist.Additionally, for furniture products, a warning for consumer product exposures from furniture meets the requirements of this subarticle if it is provided using the combination of methods required in Section 25607.12 and it includes all the following elements [1.2]:Therefore, it is mandatory to provide warnings for consumer products sold in California, including furniture products