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Can I offer a sports betting product in Wyoming? What are the requirements?

To comply with the responsible gaming requirements in Massachusetts, gaming licensees must follow the guidelines outlined in 205 CMR 152.00. Here are the key requirements:Exclusion List ProgramImplement an exclusion list program to prevent excluded individuals from entering the gaming establishment.Notify the Massachusetts State Police Gaming Enforcement Unit, the Surveillance Department, and the Security Department of any excluded individuals present in the establishment.Submit a written policy for compliance with the exclusion list program for approval by the executive director [1.1].Train employees relative to the exclusion list and the licensee's program [1.1].Electronic Gaming DevicesEnsure that any electronic gaming devices used in the establishment are approved for use by the commission and comply with all relevant regulations.Submit the device for scientific testing and technical evaluation by a commission-certified independent testing laboratory.Provide notice to the commission upon delivery of the device.Obtain approval for installation and operation of the device in the gaming establishment . Ensure that approved electronic gaming devices remain in compliance with all regulations and are configured consistent with the certification report described in 205 CMR 144.04(2) at all times.The commission may inspect any approved electronic gaming device and revoke or condition the approval if the device fails to comply with regulations or does not operate in the manner for which it was approved [4.2].Other RequirementsPost a copy of the gaming license in a location continuously conspicuous to the public within the gaming facility at all times [2.2].Apply for a gaming beverage license or renewal of a gaming beverage license by filing with the commission an application form prescribed by the commission [3.1].A gaming license may be conditioned, suspended, or revoked, and/or the gaming licensee assessed a civil administrative penalty if the Bureau finds that a gaming licensee has violated any provision of 205 CMR 152.00, M.G.L. c. 23K, § 45, the gaming licensee's approved written policy for compliance with the exclusion list program pursuant to 205 CMR 152.06(5), or any law related to the exclusion of patrons in a gaming establishment [1.2].It is important to note that this is not an exhaustive list of all requirements. For more information, please refer to the relevant documents cited above.