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Can I offer a sports betting product in Tennessee? What are the requirements?

Requirements for offering sports betting in TennesseeTo offer sports betting in Tennessee, you must be licensed as a sports betting operator by the Tennessee Education Lottery Corporation. The requirements for licensure are outlined in Tennessee Code Annotated § 4-51-301 et seq.To be licensed, you must meet the following requirements:Additionally, sports betting operators must comply with the following requirements:Furthermore, each licensee must submit to the Council its methodology for preventing a Bettor who is ineligible due to his/her inclusion in one or more classes of ineligible Bettors as enumerated in the Sports Gaming Act, § 4-49-112 from placing a Wager on Sporting Events or collecting winnings from Interactive Sports Gaming [2.1].Licensees must also comply with the requirements for interactive sports wagering as outlined in Tennessee Code Annotated § 4-51-325. This includes implementing commercially and technologically reasonable procedures to prevent access to sports wagering by minors on its interactive platforms, adopting a registration policy to ensure that all bettors utilizing interactive sports wagering are authorized to place a wager with a licensee within this state, and utilizing geo-location or geo-fencing technology to ensure that interactive sports wagering is only available to bettors who are physically located in this state [3.1].It is also unlawful for any person or entity, directly or indirectly, to knowingly receive, supply, broadcast, display, or otherwise transmit material nonpublic information for the purpose of wagering on a sporting event or influencing another person's or entity's wager on a sporting event [3.2].It is important to note that offering sports betting without a license is illegal in Tennessee and can result in criminal charges.[2.1]: TNRR Section 1350-03-.07 [3.1]: TNCO 4-51-325 [3.2]: TNCO 4-51-330