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Can I offer a sports betting product in Arkansas? What are the requirements?

Requirements for Offering Sports Betting in ArkansasTo offer a sports betting product in Arkansas, you must hold a Casino license [1.1]. Authorization to operate a race book or a license to operate a sports pool occurs immediately upon adoption of rules and regulations required by Amendment 100 [1.1]. Each application for authorization by a licensee must be accompanied by an internal control system prepared and submitted in accordance with these Rules [1.1].Books may not accept wagers unless made with cash, chips or other representatives of value approved by the Commission, or against credits made to a wagering account as provided for in these Rules or on credit extended in accordance with the Rules of the Commission [1.1]. A book shall accept wagers only on its licensed premises, and only at betting stations approved by the Commission or through an account wagering system that has been approved by the Commission [1.1].Licensed sports pools may accept wagers, including parlay card wagers, as to which of the participating contestants will win specified sports events and as to whether the total points scored in a specified game, match, or similar sports event will be higher or lower than a number specified for that event [1.1]. Licensed sports pools shall not accept wagers, including parlay card wagers, on other contingencies unless their outcomes are reported in newspapers of general circulation or in official, public records maintained by the appropriate league or other governing body, or unless the pertinent sports events are televised live at the book and a book employee other than a betting ticket writer monitors the telecast, records the occurrence of the pertinent events and contingencies simultaneously with their occurrence, and records the time of their occurrence [1.1].ConclusionTo offer a sports betting product in Arkansas, you must hold a Casino license, and comply with the rules and regulations set forth by Amendment 100 and the Arkansas Racing Commission [1.1].