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Can I offer a sports betting product in Arizona? What are the requirements?

Yes, you can offer a sports betting product in Arizona, but you must obtain prior written approval from the Department before implementing a new betting pool [1.1]. Additionally, if you want to offer fantasy sports contests, you must be a licensed responsible party who operates in compliance with the Act and Article 2 of Chapter 4 of AZAC Title 19 [2.1]. If you want to offer fantasy sports contests to the general public, you must be licensed by the Department as a fantasy sports contest operator [3.1]. The Department has jurisdiction over each person involved in conducting a fantasy sports contest, and it may adopt rules related to conducting fantasy sports contests, including rules prescribing penalties for violating this chapter or any rules adopted under this chapter [3.1].To obtain a license, you must submit a completed application, along with any required information, to the Department. The Department shall determine the form and content of the application. Each application shall be accompanied by the applicant's current photograph and the fee required by the Department. The applicant must also submit a full set of fingerprints to the Department for the purpose of obtaining a state and federal criminal records check pursuant to section 41-1750 and Public Law 92-544 [3.1].In addition, if you plan to offer pools dependent upon betting interests, you must comply with the requirements outlined in AZAC Title 19, Chapter 2, Article 5, Section 13, R19-2-513 [1.2]. If you plan to operate a teletrack facility, you must ensure that all individuals required to be licensed under subsection (B) have been licensed [1.3].Therefore, to offer a sports betting product in Arizona, you must obtain prior written approval from the Department, comply with the licensing requirements for fantasy sports contests, and comply with the additional requirements for pools dependent upon betting interests and teletrack facilities .