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Can I obtain a money transmitter license in Kansas? What are the requirements?

Yes, you can obtain a money transmitter license in Kansas. The Kansas money transmitter act, which includes the rules and regulations for obtaining a license, is cited in KSST 9-513d [1.1].

Requirements for obtaining a money transmitter license in Kansas

To obtain a license, you must file a complete application with the commissioner and meet certain requirements, as outlined in KSST 9-509 [1.4]. These requirements include:

Additionally, the commissioner may require fingerprinting of any individual, officer, director, partner, member, shareholder, or any other person related to the application deemed necessary by the commissioner [1.4].

Designating agents for money transmission business

A licensee may engage in the business of money transmission at one or more locations in Kansas and through or by means of such agents as such licensee may designate and appoint from time to time subject to the following provisions [1.5]:

For more information on the application process and requirements, please refer to KSST 9-509 [1.4].