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Can I avoid complying with CCPA if I am a growing company?

No, a growing company cannot avoid complying with CCPA. The California Attorney General has announced an investigative sweep, sending letters to businesses with mobile apps that fail to comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) [1]. The CCPA applies to businesses that collect personal information of California residents and meet certain revenue or data processing thresholds [3]. The CCPA's definition of "third party" excludes the business that collects personal information, meaning that the business itself is subject to the CCPA [3]. Additionally, the California Privacy Protection Agency has stated that businesses must comply with a request to delete personal information to the extent that the business can comply with the request [4]. Therefore, a growing company must comply with CCPA if it collects personal information of California residents and meets the CCPA's thresholds.Note that this response assumes that the growing company is subject to CCPA. If the company does not collect personal information of California residents or does not meet the CCPA's thresholds, then it may not be subject to CCPA.